from datetime import datetime
from import gettz

utc = gettz("UTC")
utc_now =
print(f"UTC: {utc_now}")
# UTC: 2020-06-17 16:04:04.952171+00:00

ist = gettz("Asia/Kolkata")
ist_now = utc_now.astimezone(ist)
print(f"IST: {ist_now}")
# IST: 2020-06-17 21:34:04.952171+05:30

  1. With ssh we often deal with lengthy domain names and plain IP addresses. To ssh easily we usually create short aliases by adding entries to /etc/hosts. This can be done using ~/.sshconfig itself:
Host my-server-1

Host my-server-2
ssh user@my-server-1
ssh user@my-server-2
ssh -J user@ user@

  1. ssh into bastion-machine with agent authentication forwarding
ssh -A <user>@<bastion-machine>
ssh <user>@<secure-machine>
ssh -J <user>@<bastion-machine> <user>@<secure-machine>
ssh -J <user>@<bastion-machine> -L 5433:<postgres-machine>:5432 <user>@<secure-machine>

  1. A test task to run all unit tests
  2. A testCoverage task that run all unit tests, generate coverage report and run verification
  3. A way to ignore classes and files from…

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